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We specialise in real-time campaign tools and automated, digital communication.
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Reach your customers via mobile devices and PCs with rich, branded messages that are proven to encourage higher levels of response.
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Value Creation
Strengthen your customer connection with relevant, personalised communication and enjoy greater retention and cross-sales.
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Customer Interaction
Relevant communication, leads to increased response from your customers. This ensures an increasing ROI for your company and ongoing improvements in customer satisfaction.
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Cost reductions
Automated communication streamlines existing processes and reduces overall administration costs. It can replace up to 50% of your customer service phone calls.
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We are so confident in our methodology and technology that we are happy to run proof of concept pilots that demonstrate the benefits of our solutions inside your business.
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Consulting & Marketing Support
MobGeo has six years experience deploying automated communication within various sectors. We have the experience and insight to make it an integral part of your business in ways that show measurable results.
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Platform Licensing
The MobGeo platform is an enterprise-level, cloud-based software solution. We offer licenses and support services to both businesses and agencies.
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Managed Services
We understand that all businesses are different. We offer everything from 'just the tools' to fully managed services.