Lead Generation
Imagine being able to run a marketing campaign and see all the leads you generate in real time, from any source, whether they come from TV ads or a remote sales teams knocking on doors. With MobGeo you can do that easily.

Your leads will also be graded and sent on to where they are most appropriately processed. Is a lead hot and qualified? Send it to the top of the call centre queue! Do you need more information about a specific lead? Send them an SMS or e-mail requesting it!
Phone calls should be reserved for occasions when customers need to speak to a person.

Increasingly customers are demanding self service options. They don't want to speak on the phone for things that could be done more easily on their phones or computers.

MobGeo can notify your customers about a problem and let them send you an instruction. For example, one of our insurance clients resolves 39% of their direct debit failures without a phone call!
Once you have a customer, keeping them is the priority. MobGeo's Life Cycle Communication proactively manages your clients, providing information when they need it, notifying them of any problems (like a missed payment) and sending offers when it's relevent.

MobGeo ensures that customers are contacted appropriately throughout their life cycle, reducing your costs and improving customer satisfaction.
Reward Programs
A word of mouth referral is gold and with MobGeo you can track referrals and issue and track rewards. You can also automatically reward good customers at various stages in their life cycle.

MobGeo can issue instant airtime rewards, your own company's rewards or integrate to 3rd party providers.
Data Capture & Hygiene
Customer information not captured correctly at the point of sale can cause a number of customer service issues later on that are both costly to manage and irritating to the customer. With MobGeo you can verify your customer's information immediately and periodically contact them in an unobtrusive manner to confirm that it is still correct.
Using traditional methods to survey customers is both expensive and incomplete because you usually only survey a small portion of your base.

With MobGeo you can survey everyone, cost effectively and automatically, at relevant points in the sales cycle.
Human Resource Tracking
MobGeo offers tools to look up the location of any mobile handset or SIM card in South Africa. This is especially effective for keeping tabs on remote sales teams where traditional time and attendance tools don't work.